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Where can I get CNC retrofit kit

 CNC Retrofit Kit (some call it CNC retrofit package) includes: CNC controller or CNC system, Operation panel, AC servo motors and AC servo drivers, AC servo spindle motor and driver, connection cables with connectors, handwheel or external MPG pendant, etc.

Main products and service:
CNC control kits for retrofitting lathe/milling machine/machining center.
CNC controller for lathe/Turning Machine
CNC controller for Milling Machine/Machining Center
AC servo drives, amplifier,
AC servo motors
Spindle servo motor and driver
Frequency inverter/Frequency converter/Vector control/AC drive
4 position tool post, NC turret, power turret, tool changer, tool carriage.
6 position electric turret
8 position NC turret
12 position Turret
Retrofitting consultant and CNC tech support.

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