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Variation in the dimension



After milling i check the dimension of the work piece and it shows some variation in the dimension. In the program i gave the dimension as 30*30*5 mm square and i got it as 25*25*4.5 mm square after milling.


Then i tested by moving from zero position separately. When i give the command for x axis as G00x-100 it moves 90 mm but in display x coordinates are in -100mm position. After that i gave -200 then i got -180mm. It shows a difference  of 10mm. Same in the case of x,y and z.


 Why it happened so? Do i need to change any parameter?

The Motors which we are using:


                    X,Y,Z   -130SJTMZ100D (A2)

             SPINDLE -ZJY265A-11BM

           GSK 218 MC-H Control panel




CNCmakers Support:

You need to adjust the gear ratio setting on Servo Driver parameters, PA29 and PA30.

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