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Torch Height Control Issue


CNC Plasma Package User:

 will try to explain connection ofTHC, CNC and plasma source.


- On the torch z axis we have a DC motor with limit switches. It is connected and command to go UP and DOWN are working. But I noticed that when push button on THC to drive torch UP or DOWND it moves for some time longer after stop pushing the button. We also have a separate push buttons on cabinet and when using that directly buttons torch moves exactly just that tome while you push button, but on the HCA1002 that is not the case, after pushing button on HCA the motor is moving for some time after.

- SIGNALS CNC to THC, torch AUTO, UPand DOWN are correct but as I told you It moves UP and DOWN too long and auto not good regulation. We tried also ARC ON WITH HIS and EX ARC ON.


With ARC ON WITH HIS CNC start signal OUT8 (cutting/arc), after receiving that signal THC start with signal to move torch down but when torch cup touch the metal plate it never stop the signal to go down. We where doubt in our connection but we also tried to connect (CONTACT IHS work and schield (+ pole of plasma-metal plate and torch cup)) it directly but without success.


When using EX ARC ON after signal OUT8 (cutting/arc) THC send signal to plasma and plasma starts, when THC send to CNC signal ARC OK, CNC start to move the X and Y to programmed path but again not good regulation of height. We use your voltage devider and there is some voltage displayed on HCA and it is changing depend on height, so connection in my opinion is good, it was connected before on that machine some other voltage devider. Plasma source is Hypertherm MAX100.



CNCmakers Support:

Do you mean the torch touches the steel plate, but it still keep going down?

If so, that means the two signal cables are not connected.

Please connect these two signal cables, or there might be some poor contact, or the steel plate or the torch are not clean, which affect the sensor detection.

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