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Servo Motor No Response by MPG or Manual


Q: Hello! I have CNC GSK980tdb and GS2000 servo.
I connected it on the table for testing.
At rotation of MPG or MANUAL Z, X-th I have change of coordinates on the display, but I have no rotation of servomotors.
What minimum on parameters and connections I have to make for rotation of servomotors for testing?

Where to take the GSKCC.exe program?


A:You can download GSKLadder at below link, it is upgraded version of GSKCC.

Regarding the MPG issue, could you please kindly check if the connection is good?
You can refer to our user manual for connection as well.


Q: Сonnections - Ok. What parameters need to be had for work with GS2000 servo? I have no motor rotation on two axes (to X, Z).

Change of the X,Z axes only on the monitor. Manual control isn't present results. What to check?


A: Please set as below and try.

GS2000   PA5=2

GSK980TDb   Parameter No.203 = 00001111

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