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Secondary Encoder 512 Lines




Please help me up to detect what is missing to have function of spindle orientation working properly, the secondary encoder is 512 lines, system is 218MC-H.

it seems driver does not recognize the new encoder. According with manual a screen  like this □□□□ should appear to see data and then store in Parameter 103.


Additionally:  lately I have found out that : on manual Mode if I depress CW button spindle turns CCW , if depress CCW spindle turns CW  What To do?

On MDI mode no problem : If I command S1200M03 spindle turns CW and if S1200M04 spindle turns CCW


Please advise according with pictures and about manual command of spindle turning direction.



CNCmakers Support:

1-As the encoder is 512 lines, so we need to set parameter No. 216 as 512, and the spindle driver PA-98 =512,

PA33=1, Choose secondary position input signal as position output signal

PA97=0, choose secondary position input signal as position feedback input signal

The secondary position encoder monitor should be DP-SPO


2-Please note the international standard: the spindle CCW is forward, CW is backward.

M03 is defined as spindle forward, so the situation you mentioned is normal.

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