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Questions about C1000M CNC milling controller


For the control unit C1000M:

1- Is it limited to an internal storage of 56Mb or is it possible to attach a HD to be used as internal memory?

We can use USB flash to plug into the CNC.


2-Is there a network connection to retrieve files from the network?

Can not, but we can use USB flash or RS232


3-How deep can programs be nested (1 program referring to execute another program and to come back to the sending program, when finished

The programs can be nested for 4 times, over 4 times will be alarm.


4-How many Parameter values can maximum be set in 1 formula to calculate a position?

10000 lines is the maximum for 1 program.


5-Can you send us a small sample of a cnc program to see how we have to adapt  our post-processor.

Header and footer are the most important

Attached you may find the CNC program named O1234.CNC


6-And a sample script, how to use subprograms and parameters?

Please refer to M98 and M99 on page 21 of below manual.


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