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GSK218MC and GE2000T User:

The GSK218MC controller shows alarm:


The servo driver is GE200T, What should we do?


CNCmakers Support:

Regarding the 0290 alarm of 218MC-H and GE2000.


If the 0290 alarm show as soon as turn on the power, then please reset and set reference point.


If it is still there.

Please try below steps.


  1. Please kindly check Data Parameter No.444 of 218MC, if it is 0, please change it to 50.
  2. If change to 50 the problem is still there, please kindly check if the machine has set reference point or not? Please reset reference point.
  3. If above two has been done already, then please disconnect the motor and coupling, see if the problem solved or not.


CNCmakers Support:

Bit parameter No.55, bit 3 ~ bit 7 means signal output type for each axis.

And there should be showing on screen, that 0 or 1 means Pulse or Ethernet.

As we are using GE2000T servo, which is Ethernet type.

So we can set below bit parameters to Ethernet type.

Bit Parameter 55.3

Bit Parameter 55.4

Bit Parameter 55.5

Bit Parameter 55.6

Bit Parameter 55.7


GSK218MC and GE2000T User:

Kindly, we changed system bits 0055#3 #4 #5 to value 0.

We put power off then on.

Then we try to run the axis in manual mode, and they worked.

When we put the cursor on these bits, nothing is displayed in the meaning note.

So we can assume that the value 0 means ethernet communication with the drives.


Thank you



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