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MPG wiring to GSK988TD

GSK988TD Package User:
GSK988TD Wiring MPG  +5V ,0V , HA+ ,HA-  , HB+, HB-  Diferencial Type
You send MPG to me   +5V ,0V , HA, HB  Voltage Type
can Connect to GSK Revise Wiring
Wiring MPG to GSK   +5v , 0V , HA+ , HB+ ,( HA- & HB-  ----. > 0V )
How can Set Parameter
Can Select Axis . if i Set K12.5 External MPG  ( MPG Mode & Manual  Mode ON 2 Mode Pulse Generator not Respons )

CNCmakers Support:
1-The +5V, 0V, HA+, HB+, CN32 port 2nd foot HA- and 4th foot HB- should connect to +5V, not 0V.
2-Please set PLC parameter K12.5 as 1, to enable external MPG function.
3-Please set CNC parameter 7110 as 2, to use external MPG.
4-COM connect to +24V



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