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KA(alm) and KM1 on GSK980TDc


GSK980TDc CNC Controller User:

on the GSK980 TDC, power supply on back of display,

should the electrical power to the unit be supplied

from before or after KM1? also se my other email

regarding KA alarm hookup


In the drive user manual,(GS2000T) page 41 fig 3.2.1,

How is KA  (alm) wired to the circuit? I can

not figure out where to access these contacts, since there

is already a cable to the display unit fron cn1.


Does the ac input need to come from any specific source?

should it be connected before or after KM1?


CNCmakers Support:


1-The electrical power to the unit be supplied from after KM1.


2- The KA is a power relay, it is controlled by POWER ON OFF BUTTON, the 24V must be supplied from a outer DC24V.


The 220V/3phase power can get from the isolating transformer. turn on the outer power supply,  there will be power on, this power supply is used to control the motor brake and the electromagnetic valves.


CNC system and AC servo driver's power is controlled by POWER ON OFF BUTTON.


The simple way is the CNC system and AC sevo drivers gets power as soon as it is turning on, so no need the POWER ON OFF BUTTON, no need the KM1 or KA1 neither.

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