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How to upgrade GSK218M


Please copy attached file "system.bin" to the root directory of an U disk

Now follow below steps:

1-Back up your parameters of the controller.

2-Initialize the controller.

3-Recover the parameters back up before.

4-Set Bit parameters 0.1, 0.2 and 41.3 all as 1

5-When the power is off, press the "reset" key on 218M and DO NOT release, turn on the power, and keep press the "reset" key and DO NOT release.

6-Until the monitor shows "Please Input Enter Password :", now you can release the "reset" key.

7-After all the lights on the keyboard flickred, please input password "218M", then press "ENTER" key.

8-It will go to upgrade page after input the password, now please insert the U disk.

9-Find the "system.bin" and press "Save" key, choose "2(BIOS)" then press "INPUT" key to confirm.

10-Wait until the "copy succeed!" shows on the monitor, then restart the 218M.

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