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Hosoi Z Axis Dual Motor Retrofitting



Please, see we have machining center double column Z axis dual motor  as attached file.

I would like to ask you that ,Can your controller use with Z axis dual motor ?

Please, kindly explain it to me.



CNCmakers Support:

We could use 218MC-H(bus version with absolute encoder motors) to control dual motors on Z axis.


Need to change Digit Parameter No.380 value of 218MC-H from '0' to '3',

So the Z axis and the 4th axis will be Synchronized to control the dual motors of Z axis.


Sometimes the mechanical parts loose could cause the dual motors not synchronized, we could use system monitoring function to see if the motors' current are too high or not, then to adjust the mechanical parts.


Or another solution is to use linear scale for the Z axis.

If you need to use the linear scale, please tell us in advance, because  we need to add extra box and spindle card for the 218MC-H and change software.


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