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GSK welding unit


 Close cooperation Seamless connection, robot and welder are GSK fully developed products can be customized according to special needs

The new robot body is more stable and has a larger welding radius.
The all-digital welding machine and robot developed by ourselves adopt digital communication connection, the hardware is simple and reliable, and the communication content is rich.
Both robots and welders comply with national standards and pass national compulsory product certification to ensure safe and reliable use.
GSK BRH-350 all-digital welding machine: beautiful appearance, easy operation, safe and energy saving, ultra low splash
Standard bus interface:
Convenient for welding system integration with robots or other automated welding equipment;
The weld is beautifully formed: the splash is small, the penetration is large, and the amount of metal pile is said to be clean and bright;
Wide range of applications: suitable for CO2 gas shielded welding and MAG welding, a variety of wire diameters are available, suitable for a variety of joint forms, can achieve all-position welding;
The equipment is easy to operate: energy saving, environmental protection, safe and reliable, and has passed 3C certification;
GSK RH06-BRH Industrial Robot: Efficient and stable Economic and safety
Wide range of motion: a wider range of motion, improving the applicability of the robot, the robot can be equipped with more processing equipment or surface operations for larger areas of the workpiece;
High repeatability: Provides a high level of processing quality for jobs requiring high repeatability and precision, and consistently accurate work throughout the workspace;
Small trajectory jitter: stable end motion trajectory, which is conducive to welding, assembly and other work requiring extremely high stability of the robot end, ensuring stable quality of welding assembly work.

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