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GSK988TA1 Panel Could Not Control Axis

GSK988TA1-H User:

Good day. Hope you are well. I extremely need your help. 2nd day along I'm trying to make the motors to rotate from operators panel, and no effect... I have installed 4 servo motors as 3 feed axis (X/Y/Z) + one rotary axis B (live tool) and servo spindle as C/S-axis.


We have ordered below:


GS2030T-LA1-110SJT-M040D(A4I)  5 SETS

GS3075Y-LP2-ZJY208A-5.5BM-B3Y1 1 SET


CNCmakers Support:

You can set PLC parameters D1 ~ D8 of GSK988TA1 as attached.

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