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GSK983Ma-H-4R 4th Axis Home

GSK983Ma-H-4R User:

I am finishing the setup for the rotary axis. Having some trouble with homing. XYZ homes ok. When I home the rotary axis, once the "decel" switch is hit, the axis stops but is still trying to home with no movement.
I check the plc ladder and can see that the home is still active for 4th axis but there is no movement.
Will go back and check my settings but I think the linear axes and rotary axis all home at the speed set by #114.
Any suggestions would be helpful, thanks!
CNCmakers Support:

Have you set NC Parameter No.349 for the 4th axis home decel?

And NC parameter No.20, is the 4th axis reference point enable?



GSK983Ma-H-4R User:


No.20 is set correctly.  Set as “10001111”

No.349 is not in my user manual. The manual parameter list goes from No. 348 to No. 351

The CNC control says No.349 is “reserved”


If no.349 needs to be set correctly, what should I set it to?




CNCmakers Support:

NC349 is not on the user manual, it is added afterward to adjust 4th axis homing speed.


If the 4th axis is linear, then you could just set the same speed with other linear axis.

If the 4th axis is rotary, then the value should be set smaller than linear.

And if the gear ratio is bigger, then the value should be smaller accordingly.


For example:

If the 4th axis is linear and 1:1 connect, NC349=100, means the 4th axis motor decel speed is 100mm/min.


If the 4th axis is rotary and it is 90rpm motor, the decel for 1 round, NC349=100, that means the rotary table speed is 100 degree per minute, the actual motor speed is 90*100mm/min.

In this case the motor speed is high during the homing decel.  For the same reason, if the 4th rotary uses 180rpm motor, the homing delel will be even higher, so we should set the NC349 even smaller. Or there will be error during the high speed homing.



GSK983Ma-H-4R User:

Rotary axis is going home ok now.



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