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GSK980MDc Program Error

GSK980MDC user:



CNC Retrofit Package (220V/3ph) including: 1 SET

Milling Machine CNC Controller 980MDc 1

AC Servo Unit for  X and Y axes 110SJT-M060D 2

AC Servo Unit for Z axis 110SJT-MZ060D with brake 1

MCT01B Deconcentrator 1

All Cables(6M), Software & Manuals 1



Hi, do you have anyone who knows why it alarms out?

Sometimes I have problem with control not liking G code listed on line 11.

G03 with R value WITH G41 ALARMS OUT.

G03 with R value WITHOUT G41 will be ok, can you help me fix this problem?

I am using D value set at 0.000. D only used for wear compensation.

Thanks David.


CNCmakers Support:

Remove the code D2 will solve the alarm

The last picture is the correct program.



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