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GS3000Y Spindle Driver Alarm 3 and Alarm 9



I've purchased a GSK218MC-H system from you and completed the installation. I had already entered all the parameter settings for the spindle driver (ZJY265-11BM-B5(B3)). Now when i turned it ON, the driver unit shows an error-3 on its display and the spindle motor has not running. I checked the DC power voltage its shows 24 VDC.  Looking forward for your reply.


CNCmakers Support:

Please kindly check the input power of spindle motor and driver is normal or not?  it should be 380V/3phase.



Thank you for the reply. I checked the power supply with multimeter. It shows a reading of 406 VAC (both r,s,t & r,t) and it is 3 phase power supply.

can you please help me to figure out what the problem for the error code (Error-3) on spindle driver. Power supply and all was fine. Its 406 VAC/3 phase supply. Looking forward for your reply.


CNCmakers Support:

Please try to disconnect the spindle motor.

Connect T with t, Connect R with r.

Then input 380V/3phase to the spindle drive, and see if the alarm still there?

Please take photo of the connection and alarm for us, thanks.



   I connected only T and R with 380 V/3 phase to the spindle drive and it shows an Error in its display as error-3 and error-9. Please check the attachments along with this mail and reply me. Thanks


CNCmakers Support:

Alarm 9 is normal, because it is not connect to spindle encoder.

If the alarm 3 shows immediately after turn on the power. There must be two possibilities.

1-input power has problem, lacking phase, etc.

2-If you are sure the input power is fine. Then the spindle driver must be broken.

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