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GK980MDc GS2045T-NP1 Gear Ratio Setting



GSK980MDc Control User:

The CNC controller is GSK980MDc and the drivers are GS2045T-NP1, 

The motors are 110SJT-M060D(A2),

Can you help with right Info to get the ratios.

The lead screws are 50mm. , this is 1 rev.

The X and Y are 1:1 pulleys, and the Z is 2:1.

On Z the the small pulley is on the motor.

24 teeth on the quill and 12 teeth on the motor.

Both X and Y are 24 teeth pulleys, motor and lead screw.

Is this enough to get an answer?


CNCmakers Support:

Status Parameter No.001  Bit 1 = 0.

X and Y axis: PA29=500PA30=254

Z axis: PA29=500PA30=127

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