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Ethernet initialization failure


The GSK218MC-H controller, LED on the circle start switch doesn't glow and no response.

 Is there any parameters to change?? Do i need to set the tool changer? I didn't connect the tool magazine because of some problem with the motor. When i change the AALM=0    then  there shows two error that is to set the Tool magazine to zero position and all.


 Now there shows one more Error that is :  " Ethernet initialization failure.Please check the Hardware".

  I didn't found anything in the manual for troubleshoot that error. How can i remove that error?   



CNCmakers Support:

1-If you are not using the tool changer, please set K1.0=0.

2-As you are not using Ethernet, please set

Bit Parameter 000
Set PBUS = 0 is pulse type, please refer to page 278 of below programming and operation manual.

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