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Err-6 of GS2100T-NP1

GS2100T-NP1 User:
A couple days ago we received the Servo drive GS2100T-NP1.
Today was installed and connected (for Z axis on lathe)
At the moment to enable signal for all drives, this drive (Z) booting and the error number 6 is displayed (the X axis shows normal condition with P0)
On Z axis Motor the position control is unstable and the shaft seems with excessive vibration.
We made an inspection of parameter 01 (to select motor type and this data was “95”, accordingly with information this value should be “26”)
We proceed to change it and right now the value is 26.
We are trying again but the situation of excessive vibration is same.
The Z axis servo motor seems ok.
Could you give us your support?
We are waiting for your kindly answer.
CNCmakers Support:
Step 1:   PA0=385
Step 2:   PA1=26
Step 3:   Find EE-DEF, press the ENTER key and hold 3 seconds
GS2100T-NP1 User:
Our machine is working and ready to produce!
We appreciate your support.

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