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Eprom of GSK983M-H


We had a setback during the release 983M-H. My colleague took out and

returned the card processor, to change the eprom and did not shut off the power.
Now we experience problems we have on the screen 900.
Probably Alarm 900. What else could we do to improve controller.
Please help me.

CNCmakers Support:
Please place the EPROM back to the 983M-H as usual, then restart the
power see if it back to normal?
If not normal, please try to initialize the 983M-H.

Reconnection of power no result.
Where can I read the initialization procedure, I do not know.

CNCmakers Support:
How to initialize the 983M-H.
1-Back up the 983M-H first!  very important!!
2-Turn on the parameter switch to enable parameter setting.
3-Turn off the power of 983M-H
4-Press the "0" and "Delete" key simultaneously and turn on the power

There could be two results:
1-Many alarms appears, you can input the correct parameters to the
983M-H to remove the alarms.
2-The 900 still there, this means the hardware has been damaged, the
983M-H should send back to us for repair.

I do not understand how to make:
1-Back up the 983M-H first!  very important!!

CNCmakers Support:
This means you need to record the parameter settings, so after initializing the system,
you can re-input the parameters to the 983M-H.


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