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Electric Spindle User Guide

Electric Spindle User Guide

1-Oil and Water must be connected before power on,make sure the water tubes and oil tube installed properly, the left and right side is water tube, oil tube is in the middle.(CNC drilling and milling machine spindle is oil lubricated, do not use the

above method.)

2-Connect the oil mist tube before using the electric spindle motor, pipe joints should be clean to prevent dirt entering the bearing and burn it. before start the spindle there must be oil mist come out from the electric spindle motor, No.5 spindle oil is recommended and the oil speed must be 20~30 drops per minute, make sure there is oil all the time or the electric spindle motor will be demaged.

3-Turn off the oil mist after the spindle completely stopped, this makes the electric spindle motor longer life, and the start-stop should not be too frequent.


Electric spindle motor specification:

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