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Creat New Program on GSK980TDb


As you know our control is GSK 980TDb,I would like to create a new program for ex: O0003; but I do not know how to do it.refers to page 215 the AUTO SEG switch in

SWITCH SETTING must be ON, but it is OFF and I do not know how to turn it ON. The operation level of the machine is on level 3.thank you for your help.

CNCmakers Support:
It requires level 2 password.
Is there any alarm? if there is alarm then we could not creat a program.
And could you take some photos of the problem for check? thanks.

Dear Sir
No there is not any alarm, I can not get any photos at this moment. as I said before at the switch setting page as it is now and it was before,
I can go to any existing program such as O0002   or O0050 and do any changes and machine works without any problem, but I can not create a new program such as O0003 or

I put the machine back on level 2 with the password that you set, it is on level 2 now. I read the user manual on page 215 still can not create a new program, when in

input I type O0003 it show the massage
that says file does not exist, and I could not make a file number come to existence, Thank you for your help.

CNCmakers Support:
Please make sure below steps:
1-The operation is level 2
2-The parameter switch is on
3-Input a new program name, O1234 for example, then press the EOB key to creat it.  not press the INPUT key.

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