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CNC Machining Center System


CNC Retrofitter:

It has been a long time since I was working on the machine retrofit. It has been sitting idle. I am now working on it again and have it almost complete. Everything is working very well.


I have one problem I can’t solve for the CNC machining center system GSK983Ma-H-4R. When I try to “Home” the Z axis, I get error 91 immediately when the decel switch is pressed. I have moved the decel trigger point everywhere within the one revolution span of the encoder but it still gives error once switch is pressed.


Is there a parameter I have wrong or can change? Maybe something else wrong?


The y-axis goes home ok, x-axis is not connected yet. All parameters for y and z should be the same. The screws are the same and the encoders are the same.

Y-axis  works ok but not Z-axis.



CNCmakers Support:

Please kindly check NC parameter 11.5

All the 4 axis must set the same high level 24V,  or must set the same low level 0V.

It can not be X high level, then Z low level, which will caused the error 91.



CNC Retrofitter:

You are right. That was the problem.

All axes are going home ok now. Perfect!

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