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Analog speed control voltage

 GSK983Ma-H CNC User:


 I need detailed connection diagram of connectors SVX, SVY,SVZ,SV4 and Spindle (see attachment- page 5). From this connector we have to split original cable to our servo drive unit and TTL encoder.  


Connecting encoder is OK, but how to connect drive signals?  


-          Analog speed control voltage    (VC-0V)   we connect to our analog input to servo unit


-          Enable signal (SON+ and SON-)  - how to use this signals?   Is that a floating contact inside of control or send us an internal diagram of this signal


-          What about ready signal from dvive to CNC – please send us an internal diagram of this signal


CNCmakers Support:

The connection please refer to attached connection manual.


1- The 5th pin of CNC position control port, VC can output +10V, it could output -10V as well, the 10th pin is 0V.


2- The 4th pin of CNC position control port, when there is 0V input to it CNC will be working. When there is no 0V input to it, the CNC will be alarm: Servo Not Ready.


3- The 14th pin of CNC position control port must be connected to 0V, or there will be no output from 9th pin (SON+). The normal output of SON+ is 0V. When there is no alarm for both CNC and drivers, there will be 0V output from SON+, to control enable signal of the motor (amplifier)


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