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About GSK25i



I have a few more questions about GSK25i.

Did the spindle price include braking resisters?

Will the spindle driver operate at 208-240 - 480 volt ac all manual says is 380v?

How much I/O is included with the standard package?

Does the PLC have separate software to program that will run on pc running windows 7 64bit?

With ridged tap cycle does the Plc have to do all the gearing calculations or just enable the spindle to axis synchronization ?


CNCmakers Support:

Following you may find our answers accordingly.

1- Yes, braking resistor is included.


2- The standard version is 380V for spindle, we can make optional 220Volt AC version for you, same price.


3-GSK25i has 64 input and 48 output.


4-The PLC software can be run on PC running windows 7 64bit.


5-The rigid tapping is calculated on NC to enable the spindle to axis synchronization.

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