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AC Servo Spindle Unit Input Power


MTC10 Mitsubishi lathe Retrofitor:


Good day  CNC makers team


Last year we acquired CNC retrofit package for MTC10 Mitsubishi lathe


Our machine was built for 440 VAC three phase system.


Because we are rebuilding the mechanical part of the machine and we are finished, we are starting with the electrical part of the system.


When we received the complete system we noticed that was included a transformer to convert 440VCA to 220 VCA three phase to power the CNC modules.


Now we have a problem related with power supply of spindle motor; this is for 330 VAC and cooling fan built in it (380 VAC)


The retrofit package does not include a transformer to power spindle motor?


The spindle motor should be for 220 VAC?



This spindle motor equiped with GS4150Y-NP2, which's input power is 440V/3phase.

So you can input 440V/3phase to the spindle driver and motor, no problem.


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