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220V 3phase Input Power Issue

We have received the CNC package including 980TDc lathe controller, X & Z servo units, the problem is input power is 220V/3phase here, but I got the transformer it says 380 input 220 output I have 220 single phase capable of 220 three phase with my rotary phase converter. Do I need this or  how do I hook this up I think the main drive spindle motor says 380v, and following you may find the photos of AC servo spindle motor ZJY182-2.2BH-B35Y1, AC servo spindle driver GS3048Y-NP1, and isolating transformer BS-200 for your reference.


CNCmakers Support:
What you got is 220V/3phase input power there, right?

The ZJY182-2.2BH AC Servo Spindle Motor with driver (transformer and spindle motor and driver and the fan of the spindle motor) are 380V/3phase input.

The 980TDc CNC lathe Controller
and 80SJT-M024E AC Servo Motor with Drivers are 220V/3phase input

Now there is solution(please DO NOT connect them with the user manual):
1-Connect below with your input power (220V/3phase) directly without through the transformer.
The 980TDc CNC lathe Controller
and 80SJT-M024E AC Servo Motor with Driver

2-Connect your input power (220V/3phase) to the OUTPUT end of the transformer, then you will get 380V/3phase by the INPUT end.
now please connect INPUT end (380V/3phase) to the spindle driver GS3000, spindle motor and its fan.

Please read above carefully before the connection, if there is any doubt please feel free to contact us.




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