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The 12th China International Machine Tool Show

The 12th China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT2011) sponsored by China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’ Association (CMTBA) in the exhibition has been concluded successfully, and the supporting activities are under intensive preparation.

For each CIMT past, on the day before opening, the Sponsor would host a high-level forum with echoes of situation at that time, similarly, the international high-level forum of CIMT2011 will be held still on the day before its opening, i.e. April 10, 2011 (Sunday ) at Beijing. The subject of the Forum will be “To Welcome the Post-crisis Era with Technical Innovation”, which is the same with that of the Show.

After the international financial crisis, the world’s economic environment will witness dramatic and profound changes, we will inevitably usher in a new stage of development that is green and efficient, supported by high-tech and innovative achievements, and led by energy saving and low-carbon economy.

In this situation, CIMT2011 will certain bring about a completely new air to the global machine tool industry, and a large number of new machine tool products and advanced technologies will emerge, which will create more room for development of the global manufacturing industry. At the same time, industry professionals will take use of the Show and Forum, ponder deeply over the technological innovation and post-crisis era, probe into the new strategies and changes from the world's machine tool industry in respect to the financial crisis, look forward to the future development of the world's machine tool industry, and interpret the huge waves and profound impact from innovative ideas and achievements in the machine tool industry.

For the Forum, it is intended to invite renowned leaders and famous entrepreneurs from the global machine tool industry to make speeches, and also invite government officials. About 200 audiences will be invited to be present, which will be dominated by senior managements from the industry globally. Meanwhile, representatives from some users will be invited, who will be senior managers and technical persons.

At present, invitation for the speakers has been initiated, and a number of celebrities or experts from the industry from the United States, Germany, Japan, China Taiwan and mainland of China have applied for making speeches at the Forum. For the candidates for speakers, the Sponsor will, at no charge, provide speech opportunities on the basis of the speeches’ contents, and also by reference to the order of their enrollment. Those outstanding drafts, for which no presentation is given on the Forum, will be published in websites, newspapers, periodical and other media sponsored by CMTBA in different forms or spread in the industry.


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